Energy & Infrastructure

To achieve a sustainable society, every government, company and individual needs to consider how his or her actions affect the environment. Energy & infrastructure businesses must be in the frontline of this development as these sectors are key to transforming our society into a sustainable one. To achieve clean and affordable electrification of the houses we live in, the roads we drive on and the industries we work in, necessitates a harnessing of resources and requires us to change the way we work and live.


Lawyers are essential in structuring, managing and implementing such societal transformations. Law firms like Cirio, help incorporate and arrange funding for businesses in the renewables sector, structure partnerships between conventional and emerging industries, and develop rules for new products like environmental benefits and ancillary services on the electricity market. In this fast-moving environment, successful operatives require the support of lawyers, both as advisors and as facilitators, to navigate purposefully through business as well as the law.


The services of Cirio’s sector group for energy & infrastructure are regularly retained to handle large projects, complex contractual structures and other high impact matters to clients in these sectors. With a passion for sustainability, our energy group specialises in renewable energy and has a keen interest in new technical solutions and recently commercialised technologies. We support the entire lifecycle of an energy asset, from its origination through permits and planning, during financing and construction, to operation, maintenance, refinancing, and finally decommissioning or repowering. Apart from seeing energy & infrastructure assets during their full lifecycle we can also support and argue a case from all sides by drawing from our experience in representing all categories of stakeholders – sellers, sponsors, off-takers, investors and financiers – in the private and public sectors as well as in public/private partnerships.


In terms of legal expertise, our energy and infrastructure group have solid experience in transactions and financing, commercial contracts, regulatory matters and environmental law. When requiring expert knowledge within fields such as dispute resolution, regulatory finance, real estate and public procurement, our specialist groups for these areas guide our energy & infrastructure clients. From time to time, all our specialist groups lend their expertise to the energy & infrastructure sectors and have as a result developed a keen understanding of these sectors.


In Cirio’s energy & infrastructure group, we like to be at the forefront of the transition to a sustainable society and help our clients create electrified highways, networks of charging stations, solar farms and carbon-neutral industrial processes powered by green hydrogen.



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