Together with digitalization, the electrification of road transport and the need to fuel ships, planes, heavy machinery and lorries with greener fuels, are set to be the focal points for infrastructure development and investments. Our energy & infrastructure group is well prepared to help our clients solve their challenges in these areas, with a wealth of experience from high profile assignments.

In the infrastructure sector, we have strong representation from the specialist areas of commercial contracts, transactions and finance, real estate law, government contracts and public procurement. Cirio’s infrastructure team is particularly well acquainted with regulatory issues and commercial contracts in the shipping and rail sectors.

The industries which we work with include:

  • Ports and airports
  • Rail and road
  • Shipping
  • Telecoms infrastructure
  • Postal services
  • Water

Our Vested© and relational contracting team have assisted several large Nordic companies with partnerships within these sectors as well.

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