Public Procurement

We offer our clients legal advice in public procurement including the preparation of procurement documents and tenders, risk and strategy analyses, as well as assistance in review procedures and disputes seeking damages. Clients in this area include contracting authorities and entities such as Swedish and international suppliers that participate in public procurement.  

A highly qualified team 

Cirio’s procurement team has more than 30 years of experience with regard to public sector matters and procurement processes having worked in the regulatory sphere since Sweden’s entry into the EU in 1995. Cirio has experience with all sector-specific laws (LOU, LUF, LUFS, and LUK), and extensive experience with LOV.  

Members of Cirio’s procurement group are also co-authors of Norstedts’ legal commentaries on LOU and LUF, and have authored a handbook on LUK, also published by Sweden’s leading publisher and provider of business-critical legal information: Norstedts Juridik. The team also regularly conducts courses and seminars in the procurement field for organizations such as Norstedts, Swedish Medtech, and at public procurement trade fairs. 


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