Corporate Sustainability

We assist our clients with advice in the fast growing sustainability area, often referred to as ESG. Our services aim to assist in organizations’ transformation to a more sustainable business within four main areas.


Sustainable transactions and financing 

We advise large and medium Swedish and international companies, investors and financial institutions with sustainable investments and financing. Our advice covers for example green bonds, sustainability linked loans, impact investments as well as more traditional transactions where sustainability is important. We assist with strategic advice, due diligence and contracts based on the EU taxonomy and the SFDR’s distinction between article 6-, 8 and 9 investments and products.


Sustainability and compliance 

We assist companies and organizations to meet mandatory sustainability related laws and regulations, including labor law, work environment, environmental permits and other environmental law matters, anti-bribery, marketing law and data protection. We also provide advice on matters related to sustainability reporting according to the CSRD and the new EU sustainability standards.


Sustainable supply chains 

We assist companies, authorities and other organizations with strategic and operative advice in the creation of sustainable supply chains. We build on our unique competence in building successful partnerships and support in finding the best fit contracting and business models for different customer-supplier relationships and thereafter create structures, contracts and processes to, for example, decrease CO2 emissions and other negative environmental impact and negative effect on social sustainability and human rights.


Transformation to a sustainable business 

We assist companies and other organizations with strategic and operative advice in the shift to a sustainable business. The EU legislator has set up a kind of ideal picture for sustainable business, which can require material changes to the business, from corporate purpose, business model and strategy to incentive systems, supplier management and reporting processes. The EU taxonomy, CSRD and other frameworks express this ideal picture. We assist organizations to analyze their business against this ideal picture, identify gaps and find important areas for change.


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