Real Estate Development

To us, real estate development is one of the best ways to spend a day at work. It is fun because it is challenging, interesting and rewarding to see an idea come to fruition in a development that will be part of shaping society for the foreseeable future. The most fascinating aspect of real estate development to a lawyer, is the fact that almost all aspects of real estate law come into play. We analyse and acquire properties, review zoning, initiate new zoning, finance projects, solve special real estate law issues on archaeology or easements or joint arrangements. But we also solve parking issues, find tenants, enter into lease agreements, start construction, make decisions on changes, structure divestment of the real estate, and so on.

Our real estate team has always been very committed and involved in our real estate development projects. And the main reason for that is our great clients, whose commitment and excellence truly is something to match.

Adding to our already considerable pool of experience, new partner Magnus Björkander has recently joined our team, directly from a position as Head of Legal and Business Development of one of the leading real estate developers in the Nordics.

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