Cirio has a strong position in Swedish biotech, attributable to our long-term involvement in the segment and our legal expertise. Our involvement in the biotech industry largely comes in the form of representing biotech companies – but the life science teams also have significant experience from representing venture capital and other investors in biotech, and the pharma industry/strategics in M&A and partnering with biotech companies.

The life science team supports our biotech clients in many matters of strategic importance, such as equity financing, important agreements/collaborations, IPOs and licensing/partnering. But we are also involved in several matters of an operational character, such as research collaboration, employment law and corporate formalities. In collaboration with our independent international partner firm network, we also have the ability to support biotech clients globally, in transactions and other business initiatives.

As a result of our close relationships with our clients and the team’s dedication to legal prowess, we have achieved a singular ability to understand and support our biotech clients in the legal matters that they face.

Cirio’s biotech experience primarily relates to pharmaceutical applications, but also extends to areas such as new material, food, crops/crop control and fuel.

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