Natural Resources

The question of how to use our natural resources in a more sustainable way than in the past, lies at the core of the issue of how we combat climate change and decarbonize society. Some natural resources such as sun, wind and water are renewable while others like oil, minerals, nuclear and natural gas are not. Still, for some uses, such as commercial air travel, renewable alternatives are not yet sufficiently developed to replace fossil fuels and new technologies, such as batteries and solar panels, still rely on rare and precious minerals.


Cirio assists clients active in and dependent on conventional sources of energy and the members of the energy group are well-versed in the rules, regulations, risks and challenges these businesses face when it comes to emissions trading, permitting, planning and in other areas. The bulk of Cirio’s clients are committed to renewable solutions, including many who are active in harvesting minerals and other natural resources. Cirio assists mining companies in access issues and permit processes, and paper and pulp companies with contracts for the purchasing and selling of feedstock, pellets, and biofuel. Cirio also advises on the procurement and purchase of biogas liquefaction plants and in the construction and maintenance of biogas production facilities.

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