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Working at Cirio, you will form part of one of the leading business law firms in Sweden with services in M&A and other business transactions, intellectual property, data privacy, dispute resolution, competition law and a number of other expert areas. You will work for clients with some of the most well-known brands and meet incredibly inspiring and successful women and men from a wide range of industries.

But working at Cirio, you will also take part of something much larger. Here you will participate in creating rules that the market and society of the future will play by. Through our high-end legal services, we aim not only to set the foundations for our clients’ success in business, but also to contribute to growth and welfare of society as a whole.

Working at Cirio, you will help our clients digitalise their business through artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies. We play an active role in the Swedish Data Protection Forum, with our colleagues Caroline Olstedt Carlström and Maria Holmström Mellberg as two of its founders. Working at Cirio, you will contribute to saving lives through our clients' work in life science, pharmaceuticals and medtech and traditional healthcare. You will also contribute to save the climate, through our clients' work in sustainability and renewable energy.

But there is more. Through our work in relational contracting – founded on award winning research in behavioral economics - you can contribute by enable companies and organisations to collaborate to innovate and find solutions to the most pressing problems of our time.

Cirio is lawfirm with a purpose, where will you take us next?

We see the human

At Cirio our warm and encouraging culture sets the foundation for our success. We aim to see the human in everyone and make sure there is room for individual initiatives. Our culture rests on four core values:

  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Cooperation
  • Pursuit

We aim to treat everyone as we ourselves want to be treated. We take accountability for our professional lives and results. We aim to cooperate to produce the best results, building on everyone’s strenghts. And we aim to always think outside of the box and to improve the way we are and work.

Gender equality and diversity are of course key to us, being natural applications of our core values and our aim to contribute to a better society.

We have a very high ambition and that is to make work at a high-end business law firm truly sustainable. Working at Cirio is often tough, this cannot be denied. As in any other business law firm of this calibre, work at Cirio sometimes means working long days. But a tough work does not necessarily mean that it must be extremely stressful, destroy all private life and eliminate work-life balance. Through facilitating technology but not least through more modern ways of working, in collaboration in teams for example, it is possible to improve efficiency, even out workloads and over time build a life where this often extremely fun and challenging work can be combined with the many other things that you value in life. This is our ambition.

Your career

There is not one career track at Cirio. There are many. We hire skilled, ambitious individuals from various background who wants to grow with us. Some are talents straight out of the university, others are lawyers who already have had a long career and we also take know that without excellent HR and administrative staff our organisation would not work.

Cirio is a partnership, as most law firms are, but we know that everyone will not aim to become partners. We believe in enabling different careers at Cirio, knowing that the most important thing is to support individuals who want to live highly successful professional lives but also wish to spend time on other things they find valuable.

Regardless of where you come from you will take part in our ambitious career program. We not only want you to become a highly skilled lawyer, but also an entrepreneur with a strong personal brand, a person who can work efficiently and with high quality under tough conditions, work in teams with others and understand the rules of business and of the markets.

We want to train you for a long and successful professional life. If you stay, you will be part in building a great enterprise and we can ensure that you become one of the best in your field. If you eventually leave, we want to have made sure that Cirio has been an excellent bridge to a highly successful career somewhere else.

Open positions

Open positions