About Cirio

Cirio is a Swedish law firm based in Stockholm, serving local and international clients, navigating complex legal infrastructures and transactions, ultimately improving the way both business and society work.

The firm was originally founded in 1918, and was part of another Swedish law firm between 1990 and 2018. Cirio adopted its name in 2019, marking the beginning of a new era of business law practice.

Our high quality of service and our determination to deliver outstanding results ensure we build long-term relationships with our clients, aiming to be not just an exceptional legal adviser, but also your trusted business partner.

We call it the fourth way.

Today, human development sees a new chapter through The Fourth Industrial Revolution – one that will bring change at a speed, scale and magnitude unlike any before.

Fuelled by a convergence of technologies across digital, biological and physical systems, the previously unthinkable will become an everyday reality. In turn, society and the economy as we know it will be fundamentally reshaped, disrupting business models and requiring new approaches in each and every sector, including legal services. Complex challenges will be faced and the game will require new rules to play by.

Against this backdrop, we believe that a new approach to business law is required – an approach we call the fourth way.

We unite under four perspectives to improve the way business and society work.

We know the rules of business

We combine solid and broad expertise across legal disciplines, covering Transactional Services, Business Strategy and Operations Services, Special Situations Services and Collaborative Innovation.

We have a passion for progress

Our passion for progressive business and transactions has enabled us to evolve specialised competence in areas like renewable energy, life sciences and artificial intelligence. We adopt a holistic approach to transactions and bring unique knowledge on how to build truly collaborative partnerships.

We see the human

We take a ‘human first’ attitude to running our business. The goal is simple – to create a sustainable working environment in which each of us feels valued and inspired to keep growing. And by understanding our clients as people, we aim to build lasting and rewarding business relationships.

We aspire to make a change

By bringing expertise, passion and empathy to everything we do, our ambition is clear. We aim to make a difference by shaping and helping others to navigate complex legal infrastructures, ultimately improving the way both business and society work.

A law firm with a purpose

Cirio is a law firm with a mission to shape the rules of the market and society of the future. We want to play an active role in shaping the future of the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution, for our clients, our talents, for the market and for the community as a whole.

Cirio is a founding partner of the AI Sustainability Center, which focuses on realizing the enormous value potential for business and society with artificial intelligence and data analytics by ensuring ethical sustainability and avoiding the many pitfalls which these techniques also entail.

We are an active player in the Swedish Data Protection Forum; our colleague Caroline Olstedt Carlström is one of its founders. We contribute to integration of young people in society through Nolla Utanförskapet (“Ending Exclusion”), of which our colleague Sanna Wolk is a co-founder. Our long-standing collaboration with the University of Tennessee enables us to play a part in establishing new models for innovation and value generation in commercial partnerships in the network economy, based on relational contracts and the Vested® model.

In these and other ways, our aim is to contribute our wide-ranging expertise and experience for a better tomorrow.