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Cirio legal advisor to 10x Genomics in connection with its acquisition of CartaNA

Cirio advised 10x Genomics, a market leader in single-cell analysis technology, in connection with its acquisition of the Stockholm-based company CartaNA AB.

CartaNA AB, developers of In Situ RNA analysis technology, is developing a technology that maps the brain based on cell analysis and image data with a resolution all the way down to the single cell level. Its product, called NeuroKit, is an optimised reagent kit that enables the mapping of hundreds of genes and cell types via In Situ
Sequencing (ISS) in a single tissue section with high throughput and high sensitivity.

10x Genomics is a US based life science technology company, which engages in building products to interrogate, understand, and master biology to advance human health. The company’s integrated solutions include instruments, consumables, and software for analysing biological systems at a resolution that matches the complexity of biology.

Cirio’s team consisted of Carl-Olof Bouveng, Per Hedman, Christopher Tehrani, Richard Perez, Fredrik Morfeldt, Johanna Permatz, Erik Ejdesjö and Jesper M. Johansson.

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