Event 19.06.17

Cirio in Almedalen 2019

Cirio will be attending Almedalsveckan

During Almedalsveckan in Visby, some of Cirio’s lawyers are invited to attend different events. For example Eva-Maj Mühlenbock, Head of Public Procurement and Caroline Olstedt Carlström, Head of Data Privacy group, will discuss on the theme: How does GDPR affect public procurement? on the 2 July together with Offentliga affärer.

Caroline Olstedt Carlström
will also participate together with Microsoft to discuss the effects of Cloud act (US law) and if it’s an obstacle for the public sector to use global cloud services? How will it work in practice? What does the expertise say?

Sanna Wolk, Head of IP, is invited by Journalistförbundet to discuss the new EU Copyright Directive and its impact on Swedish copyright.


Peter Högström, Head of Infrastructure, and Olof Hallberg, partner in the Public Procurement group, are invited to discuss innovation and partnership in a panel together with Getinge, Region Västerbotten, Medtech, SKL and the minister Ibrahim Baylan and others.



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