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New sourcing business models are here to stay – Vested and relational contracts

December 10th 2020 Cirio and EY hosted a webinar about new sourcing business models. Did you missed out or want to see it again, please enjoy the recording here.

Industry after industry realize that traditional procurement methods and sourcing business models often are not fit for purpose when it comes to complex buyer/supplier relationships, within e.g. outsourcing and supply chain contracts. The ongoing pandemic have made it even more evident that it is important to find models that can cope with ever changing business needs and unexpected events.

Harvard Business Review has published two articles about this, authored by David Frydlinger (Cirio), the Nobel laureate Oliver Hart and Kate Vitasek (founder of the “Vested” model). Aiming at solving this problem, over 16 Vested deals has been signed in the Nordics, across several industries.

Cirio’s and EY’s experts within Vested and relational contracts, presented the report about Nordic Vested deals, earlier published by the University of Tennessee in October 2020.

In the webinar, David Frydlinger (Cirio) and Magnus Kuchler (EY), described present key learnings from existing deals as well as interesting trends in the light of the ongoing pandemic.

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