We advise our clients on all legal aspects of digitisation of business and digital businesses, across all our fields of expertise, such as corporate finance and investments, relational contracting and collaborative innovation, commercial contracts, intellectual property, and dispute resolution. Cirio has been a leading law firm in this field for over 20 years.

Our clients range from tech start-ups, telecoms operators and IT service providers to large and mid-sized companies and other organisations in all sectors where software, cloud, data or disruptive technologies such as AI or blockchain are playing an ever greater part. Our clients also include financial institutions acquiring or divesting companies in the digital sector.

Our Digital Synergy practice group comprises four main sub-areas: infrastructure, software, data and disruptive technologies, including artificial intelligence and blockchain. Our cross-functional team also works in close collaboration with our teams in the biological and physical synergy sectors, bringing unique market knowledge of the commercial and legal challenges at the intersection of these fields.

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