Uppdrag 19.06.26

Cirio legal adviser to AxFlow on the acquisition of Generalcontrol S.p.A.

Cirio advised AxFlow in its acquisition of Generalcontrol S.p.a, the Milan-based distributor of positive displacement (PD) pumps, instruments, vacuum pumps, and compressors in Italy. Generalcontrol is one of Italy’s best recognised PD pump distributors.

AxFlow is an application- and service-driven niche company in the fluid handling business active in all European markets, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Cirio advised AxFlow with a team headed by Carl-Olof Bouveng, together with Johanna Permatz, and supported by Marco Frazzica and Claudio Corba Colombo at the Italian law firm De Berti Jacchia.

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