Cirio 20.03.13

Cirio deepens partnership with Fryshuset to strengthen youth engagement

Cirio has chosen to deepen its partnership with the nonprofit organization Fryshuset to strengthen local youth engagement together. Through the partnership the firm’s lawyers will support and guide young people through legal advice, expertise, education and site visits.

Giving back to the community is important for Cirio and an important part of the firm’s mission to strive for what is best for the business community and society at large. Cirio has long supported AI Sustainability Center, which addresses the use of artificial intelligence in a broader ethical and communal context, as well as NU: Nolla Utanförskapet, an organization that helps young people and teens prepare to enter the labor market by providing work-related contacts, networking and job opportunities.

”Today’s society is currently facing all-encompassing challenges and changes that are already affecting young people. At Cirio, our ambition is clear: we want to create and contribute to current legal frameworks that better the evolution of the business community and society in general. Becoming an integral part of Fryshuset’s efforts to strengthen young people’s engagement in society and therefore create a better future was a natural choice for us to make and we look forward to this collaboration,” says David Frydlinger, managing partner at Cirio.

Cirio’s employees will also be able to engage with Fryshuset’s projects such as Selfmade, where young people in underprivileged areas receive assistance in entering the job market, and Powerhouse, which functions as an incubator where young people can develop and lead their own projects.

“We see this partnership as a wonderful opportunity for young people in different business areas to take advantage of important sources of knowledge and competence within business law,” said Raisa Lång Velazco, head of marketing and development at Fryshuset.

About Fryshuset

Fryshuset empowers young people to change the world through their passions! The Fryshuset Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is independent of religion and politics. Fryshuset manages over 50 types of operations in different locations throughout Sweden, where young people are given the opportunity to develop their passions, create and participate in youth-led activities and trainings, as well as obtain work. Fryshuset also advocates for society to take young people’s opinions and ideas seriously as they contribute to a creative and solutions-oriented social climate where we dare to think in a new way and find new solutions.

About Cirio

Cirio Law Firm was founded in 2019 and is one of Sweden’s leading law firms based in Stockholm. Cirio is a law firm whose mission is to shape the future legal infrastructure and ultimately improving the way both business and society work. With 130 employees, Cirio offers legal advice in most areas of business law such as M&A and other transactions, operational and strategic business decisions, special situations such as dispute resolution and bankruptcies and collaborative innovation. The firm has special competence within business areas such as renewable energy, life science and digitalisation.

For more information, please contact:


Namn: David Frydlinger
Mobil: + 46 766 17 09 85


Namn: Raisa Lång Velazco
Mobil: +46 739 50 22 21


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