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MiKAPP AB (Gastronaut Catering) in bankruptcy – sale of business assets

MiKAPP AB, Swedish reg.no 559013-2444 (under the registered brand “Gastronaut“), was declared bankrupt on 23 December 2020, whereby Karl Björlin was appointed as official receiver.

MiKAPP is a Swedish technology developer within the catering business, and has developed a food tech platform “Gastronaut” with additional technologies and systems integrated.

The bankruptcy estate of MiKAPP AB/Gastronaut Catering now offers the business assets as is (debt free) for sale in accordance with the following Preliminary Bidding Documents with appendices (except for the assets described under Section 3 – these assets will be sold separately via an online public auction hosted by PS Auction): Preliminary Bidding Documents

Interested parties of the business assets are hereby invited to present written bids, on the business as a whole or for parts of the assets, addressed to the bankruptcy estate, by sending an e-mail to Rikard Lemming, rikard.lemming@cirio.se, no later than 10 February 2021 at 13.00 CET. All bids shall clearly specify name and contact details of the bidder and include an explicit purchase price in SEK, and shall be financed and prepared for cash payment at closing.

For more information in relation to MiKAPP AB/Gastronaut Catering or the sales process in general, kindly contact:

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