Masai Clothing Company Sverige AB was declared bankrupt on 14 April

Masai Clothing Company Sverige AB, Swedish reg.no 55 556613-7716 (“Masai”), was declared bankrupt on 14 April 2020, whereby Lars-Henrik Andersson was appointed as official receiver.

For Customers

For more details, please take part of: Information to Swedish Costumers (in Swedish). To file a claim, please use this form >>File a claim (in Swedish)

Information to bidders

Masai, a well-known brand for womens’ clothing, operated 14 stores in Sweden with around 80 employees at the time of the bankruptcy. The assets of the company include stock, lease agreements for stores and fixed assets.

Interested parties of the business assets are hereby invited to present written bids, on the business as a whole or for parts of the assets, addressed to the bankruptcy estate, by sending an e-mail to Axel Thörn, axel.thorn@cirio.se, on Friday 24 April 2020 at 13.00 CET at the latest. All bids shall clearly specify name and contact details of the bidder and include an explicit purchase price in SEK. All bids shall be financed and prepared for cash payment at closing.

The bankruptcy estate reserves the right to value presented bids on an ongoing basis, as well as the right to make a sale in advance (Sw.fri prövningsrätt). The Preliminary Bidding Document with appendices shall not be considered as a binding offer (Sw. bindande anbud). Binding transfer of the business or specific assets is subject to a written agreement signed by the bankruptcy estate and the buyer.

For details, please read more in the preliminary bidding document in English, here >> Preliminary bidding document

For more information regarding the bankruptcy and sales proceedings, kindly contact any of the following:

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