Nordic Privacy Arena 2019

This week Nordic Privacy Arena was held in Stockholm and Cirio participated both as a sponsor and in the discussions. The event was fully booked and the agenda included topics such as leadership in an era of transformation, the difficulty how to decide who is a data controller and who is a data processor, enforcement, trends and sanctions, international data transfers, challenges and the road ahead when utilizing cloud services, the huge platforms and their impact on democracy, facial recognition technologies, automatic decision making and its impacts on people and the society, AI in the insurance industry and data security and recent incidents
in the healthcare industry. There were also a number of GDPR compliance cases where speakers generously shared insights and war stories. The event turned out very successful and lots of learnings were made, new contacts taken and inspiration shared.

All sessions were recorded, and recordings will be made public in the upcoming month on this page.

In the picture Anders Ygeman, Minister of Energy and Digitalization together with Caroline Olstedt Carlström, our head of data privacy.

Fotocred: Jens Reiterer, Sthlm Eventfoto

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