Cirio, together with Sanna Wolk and David Leffler ranked by WTR 1000 2020

Cirio’s growing IP practice has been recognised by WTR 1000 and is ranked both within the fields enforcement and litigation and prosecution and strategy.

Cirio makes its debut in the WTR 1000 this year and has been praised by the market and are quoted as: “It has made a fantastic name for itself in a short time. The group is an absolute pleasure to work with and truly understands the value that intellectual property has in a commercial environment. As a result, it always comes up with progressive and constructive solutions.”

We congratulate both Sanna Wolk, Head of Intellectual Property and David Leffler, Head of Brand Protection to the individual rankings within the field enforcement and litigation.

They have received appreciated reviews: “One of the sharpest academic minds in the country, Sanna’s trademark knowledge reaches far and wide. She is energetic and ambitious with valuable ideas as to brand strategy.” Recommendations for Leffler’s “diligence, personability and negotiation skills” come pouring in. The all-rounder “is invaluable to the appeals and settlement process of a dispute. He is extremely attentive to every detail of the case and has a way of explaining them in a digestible manner. You can only say the most wonderful of things about David.”

We are very proud and thankful to our clients and colleagues for the recognition.

Intellecutal Property

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