Cirio 22.03.07

Cirio has been ranked by WTR 1000

Cirio’s experts Sanna Wolk and Christopher Tehrani are highly praised in the newly published 2022 rankings by WTR 1000.

Ranking by WTR 1000

Sanna Wolk is recognized as “a prominent figure in the legal community, having contributed widely to academic circles”. Whereas Christopher Tehrani is recognized as “an exceptional patent litigator whose impeccable skillset seamlessly crosses over into the trademark sphere.”

WTR furthermore notes that the duo possesses “abundant insight across trademarks, patents and copyright” and are regularly instructed on “complex strategic work, commercially consequential disputes and IP-rich transactions” with clients relying on them for “sound and pragmatic advice, which also encompasses vast marketing and regulatory knowledge.”

Sanna Wolk is further recommended on an individual level within prosecution and strategy whereas Christopher Tehrani is recommended as an individual within enforcement and litigation as well as anti-counterfeiting.

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