Webbinarier 21.06.16

New (Foreign) Direct Investment Regulation in Sweden – Have we gone too far?

Together with American Chambers of Commerce in Sweden Cirio held this webinar about the FDI Rules in the Nordics, the UK, and the U.S., the policymakers’ approach to FDI, the consequences of national FDI Rules which differ in substance in most countries, the political agenda, and the effect on the transactions and liquidity of assets.

All parties involved in M&A transactions need regulatory clarity or have the possibility to make intelligent decisions as regards risks, timetable, and terms and conditions for the transactions. FDI Rules have increased the Regulatory risks, and this could impact a number of features of deal-making. Coordination among jurisdictions is necessary and this can take place through both formal mechanisms, such as the EU FDI screening regulation, and informal exchange among countries.

Invited panel guests: Oskar Backman – Polhem Infra, Richard Henriksson – UD, Stefano Filippi – Barclays Bank PLC and Dr Ashley Thomas Linehan, Reasearcher at London School of Economics.

Moderators where Cirio’s Peter Högström and Carl-Olof Bouveng.


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