Your career at Cirio

At Cirio, you become a part of one of Sweden’s leading business law firms, where we aim to support you who have a strong inner drive to reach your full potential with us. Whether you are a recent graduate or already established in the industry, you will participate in our ambitious career development program where we support you in becoming more than just a skilled lawyer. Through continuous competence development and collaboration with your senior colleagues, we help you develop business acumen and build your personal brand. 


For us at Cirio, it is also important to help you find a good work/life balance . Even though high demands will be placed on your performance, we want to be a firm where hard work and consideration for the individual always go hand in hand. Simply put, we want to help you become a successful lawyer with a long-lasting career.

This is Cirio’s career model, with the most common timeframes:


A few weeks before your first day at Cirio, you will receive a welcome package from us and you will be assigned a mentor whose task is to support you while you find your bearings at the firm. You will also be assigned a supervisor who will guide you throughout your time at Cirio, through quarterly meetings where you will receive assistance in setting up a business plan that forms the foundation for your discussions going forward. During your first days at Cirio, you will go through our onboarding program, where you will get to know the firm and receive training that will help you ease into the work. There is also a strong focus on getting to know your new colleagues!

År 1 – 3: Associate

During your time as an Associate, the career development program primarily consists of legal competence development and other skills you need to become a successful lawyer, such as business English. Most importantly, of course, are the courses you need to take for the Bar Exam. After your first year, you will usually rotate to another one of our practice groups. The rotation program aims to increase collaboration between the groups and to develop your legal proficiency, but it’s also an opportunity for you to become familiar with other areas of legal practice at Cirio.


År 4 – 6: Senior Associate

When you have been an associate for about three years, it’s time to take the Bar Exam and apply for membership in the Swedish Bar Association, whose chairman, Eva-Maj Mühlenbock, is a partner at Cirio. As an associate at Cirio, you will have the opportunity to participate in lunch seminars on lawyer ethics with Eva-Maj, as part of your preparation for the Bar Exam. 

In this phase of the career program, the focus of your development lies primarily in project management, as you will take on greater individual responsibilities in projects. Another focus area is learning how to market your expertise to clients by developing your personal brand and expanding your network.

År 7 – 8: Managing Associate

When you reach this phase of our career development program, you should be able to lead a team in cases where clients seek your expertise. Therefore, you will undergo leadership training that will help you develop your qualities as a leader. 

In this phase, we actively endeavor to help you develop your business acumen, so that you can assist clients in making the right business decisions based on your legal expertise. Another important aspect of this developmental phase is your ability to teach and lead seminars in front of an audience, as well as to sell your and the firm’s expertise to clients.

Apply for a job at Cirio

  • 1. Written applicationTell us about yourself, your qualifications, and what motivates you to apply for a job with us. We use your application to determine whether we should invite you to the next step.
  • 2. Recruitment tests In this step, recruitment tests are conducted, and afterwards, you will find out if you have progressed to the next step in the process.
  • 3. Competency-based interview with HRThose who proceed from the tests will be invited to an interview where we have the opportunity to get to know each other better.
  • 4. Contact with references We interview the references you provided and allow them to share their impression of you.
  • 5. Interview with Cirio's Recruitment Council You will have the opportunity to meet some of our partners and associates, an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about us and a chance to ask your questions.
  • 6. Offer of employment Hopefully you’ll accept the offer, then we bid you welcome to Cirio!