Being a part of Cirio

All companies and organizations have a set of fundamental values that serve as guidelines for how to act in different situations. Here you can read more about how we at Cirio view our role as legal advisors and as fellow human beings.

As legal advisors

In an increasingly complex world, individuals, companies, and society are constantly faced with new opportunities and challenges, where Cirio aims to contribute to a more efficient business sector and a sustainable society. 

At Cirio, we strive to always have one foot in the future and our heart in the business. For us, business law is a means to aid our clients in executing their most complex business transactions in a successful way. We aim to be a business partner throughout the entire process, with particular expertise in digitalization, life science, renewable energy, and real estate.

As human beings

We see the whole person and aim to work towards sustainable development, both in how we conduct ourselves and in how we carry out our assignments. We are aware that gender equality has long been an issue in law firms, as we have conducted a study on the subject, and we therefore work actively to provide everyone with equal opportunities to succeed here at Cirio. Similarly, we act based on a number of concrete sustainability goals, including achieving CO2 neutrality and social sustainability by 2030. Read more in our Sustainability Report

Apply for a job at Cirio

  • 1. Written applicationTell us about yourself, your qualifications, and what motivates you to apply for a job with us. We use your application to determine whether we should invite you to the next step.
  • 2. Recruitment tests In this step, recruitment tests are conducted, and afterwards, you will find out if you have progressed to the next step in the process.
  • 3. Competency-based interview with HRThose who proceed from the tests will be invited to an interview where we have the opportunity to get to know each other better.
  • 4. Contact with references We interview the references you provided and allow them to share their impression of you.
  • 5. Interview with Cirio's Recruitment Council You will have the opportunity to meet some of our partners and associates, an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about us and a chance to ask your questions.
  • 6. Offer of employment Hopefully you’ll accept the offer, then we bid you welcome to Cirio!