Knowledge July 12, 2019

Newsletter from Cirio’s Insolvency Team: the new EU Pre-Insolvency Directive

The EU has just adopted a new directive on, among other things, preventive restructuring frameworks and measures to increase efficiency of insolvency and restructuring procedures within the EU, which will enter into force on 17 July 2019. The so-called “EU Pre-Insolvency Directive” introduces a minimum standard among the EU Member States, particularly in relation to debtor’s access to relevant measures and procedures for early restructuring. A number of exciting changes of Swedish rules on restructuring are just around the corner.

Cirio’s Insolvency Team follows the Swedish implementation of the EU Pre-Insolvency Directive and has just published a newsletter on the topic.

Please feel free to download the newsletter (in Swedish) via this link.

The official text of EU Directive 2019/1023 may be retrieved from HERE.

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