Assignments February 12, 2020

Cirio legal advisor to OX2

Cirio has advised OX2 in the sale of the 132 MW Metsälamminkangas wind farm to Lundin Petroleum. The wind farm, which is situated in the municipality of Vaala in northern Finland, will be Finland’s third largest wind farm. It will be constructed with 5.5 MW Cypress turbines from GE Renewable Energy. The project is subsidy free and will, once commissioned in 2021, deliver approximately 400 GWh per year. The project is part of Lundin Petroleum’s strategy to fully replace its net electricity usage from its offshore oil and gas platforms off Norway’s west coast, with direct investments in renewable power generation.

In addition to advising on the sale of the wind farm, Cirio assisted in the contract negotiations with GE Renewable Energy.

Cirio’s team consisted of Jörgen Möller (head of Energy), Philip Tonkin, Mikael Stabo, Jesper Johansson, Maria Hanbo and Erik Engström.

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