Bankruptcy February 20, 2020

FODI Skandinavien AB in bankruptcy

FODI Skandinavien AB, Swedish 559046-8616 (“Fodi”) was declared bankrupt on 11 February 2020 whereby Lars-Henrik Andersson was appointed as official receiver.

Fodi is a full-range online grocery store focusing on sustainability by offering a wide range of organic and locally produced food. Fodi has around 40 hand-picked employees with head offices in Järfälla outside of Stockholm. See further details on Fodi’s webpage.

Interested parties of the business assets are hereby invited to present written, non-binding, indicative bids on the business as a whole or for parts of the assets addressed to the bankruptcy estate, by sending an e-mail to Emmeli Neivak,, on or before 28 February at 17.00. All bids shall clearly specify name and contact details of the bidder and include an explicit purchase price. All bids shall be financed and prepared for cash payment at closing.

For more information regarding the company and the sales proceedings, kindly contact:


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