Press January 31, 2022

Cirio relocates to Vildmannen 7 on Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – The digital transformation, climate awareness and not least the pandemic have also resulted in changes to law firms’ way of working, including needs and usage of office space. For Cirio, relocating offices to Vildmannen represents a continuation of not only the firm’s journey towards renewal and growth, but also that of business law.

Cirio has signed a contract with the property owner Hufvudstaden for new office space in Vildmannen 7, a property located at the intersection of Biblioteksgatan and Jakobsbergsgatan in Stockholm. Access will be granted in 2023 when the reconstruction and modernisation of the historic property will have been completed following a major fire in the autumn of 2017.

– We are ready for a change and Vildmannen 7 is exactly what we have been looking for. It meets our need for modernity and social spaces in every way and, just like us, sets the bar high in terms of sustainability. It is a fascinating building with an exciting history in the best possible location, and it feels terrific to continue our journey and create a new office together with Hufvudstaden, said David Frydlinger, Managing Partner at Cirio.

Magnus Johansson at Oakleaf Consulting served as Cirio’s advisor during the negotiation process of the new rental contract.

– We are very grateful for the support we received from Oakleaf Consulting during negotiations. The whole process felt professional and secure from start to finish, said David Frydlinger.

Vildmannen 7 is one of Stockholm’s most prestigious properties, carrying a rich history and high cultural value. In 2017, a large fire broke out that completely destroyed the property, but fortunately the 120-year-old stone façade was preserved. Property owner Hufvudstaden, who is currently rebuilding Vildmannen 7, has taken great care to preserve the original architecture while also adding modern functionality and focusing on sustainability.

With 2,200 square meters, Cirio will occupy all of Vildmannen’s office space on floors two to five, facing Biblioteksgatan. The new premises in Vildmannen 7 will be ready for occupancy in mid-2023 at the earliest.

– I’m very pleased to welcome Cirio as our first tenant to the new Vildmannen 7. It is an important milestone to once again fill the property with people and activities. The property is unique and makes a strong contribution to the special feeling in the Bibliotekstan district. We are now looking forward to working with Cirio to adapt the premises to suit its business, said Anders Nygren, CEO of Hufvudstaden.

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