Event September 18, 2019

Cirio proud sponsor to Nordic Privacy Arena 2019

The Swedish Data Protection Forum, one of Cirio’s partners, organizes the biggest data protection event in the Nordics. Cirio is a proud sponsor to Nordic Privacy Arena 2019, that will take place on the 23-24 September.

Some of the world’s leading experts in their respective fields will explore the privacy ramifications of today’s biggest trends. Meet our partners Caroline Olstedt Carlström and David Frydlinger at the venue and don’t miss the interview with Archbishop Antje Jackelén discussing Ethics, Innovation and Digitalization.

Topics on the agenda includes:

  • how to decide who is a data controller and who is a data processor,
  • enforcement/sanctions in GDPR, international data transfers,
  • the huge platforms and their impact on democracy,
  • facial recognition technologies,
  • automatic decision making and its impacts on people and the society,
  • AI in the insurance industry,
  • data processing in the healthcare industry and
  • predictive policing.

For more information, please download the full program here.


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