Event October 9, 2019

Cirio participate in E-förvaltningsdagarna 2019

E-government in practice
E-förvaltningsdagarna 2019 is ongoing and take place at Kistamässan during October 9-10. During these days the discussion encompasses everything from the Swedish government’s current plans and goals for the future of e-government, digital security and digital behaviors and how to create interfaces that lead to behavior change and AI, leadership and innovation among other things. Cirio is present and represents both as a lecturer and with our own booth among the exhibitors.


Tuesday 11.40 – 12.20

When seemingly incompatible values ​​collide. How you can manage by building bridges between different disciplines – do you need new tools in the box? Law, technology, ethics and practice. Join us in a conversation about the legal challenges posed by digitalisation. Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg, Professor of Law and subject director for legal informatics at Stockholm University, Caroline Olstedt Carlström, Head of Cirios’s data privacy group and Maria Holmström Mellberg, Senior adviser in data privacy matters, compliance and financial regulations.

For the entire program, read here.


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