Säker epost och filutbyte på Cirio

Cirio sends secure emails via Zivver

As a professional organization, it is important for us that sensitive information about our clients and relations are treated in a confidential manner. That is why we strive to communicate personal data, reports, files and other sensitive information in a secure way. This is necessary because the current channels, such as regular email, fax or regular mail, are vulnerable.

As a consequence, Cirio uses Zivver to securely send you emails and exchange files with you. Zivver ensures that all confidential information is delivered securely and encrypted. We assure you that only you, as recipient, can read the information send by us.

In what way will you notice the use of Zivver?

You will receive a secure message with confidential information via a regular email. This email contains a link to a secure environment. If the message is secured with an access code, you will receive the code from the sender in a separate message (for example via regular mail, by phone, or in person).

How can you access a securely sent message?

Did you receive a secure email from Cirio? If so, you can open this message by clicking the blue link that says, ‘Click for message’. When you do, the secure Zivver environment will open automatically. To access the message, you must insert the access code or the SMS code received in the separate message.

Please inform us of any changes in your email address and phone number

It is very important that you immediately inform us of changes in your email address or mobile phone number. That way, we can keep communicating securely with you. Please inform your contact within Cirio when such changes occur.

Do you want to respond to an email that was sent via Zivver?

You read the message that was sent via Zivver on a secure web page. If you want to respond to the message, you can do so on this page. Click ‘Reply’. You can type your message in the editor window. You can also add attachments if needed using the ‘Add attachments’ (paper clip) button. Click ‘Send’ to send your reply. When the recipient of your message responds, you will receive another notification message. By doing this your answer will be sent in a secure manner.

How does a securely sent messages look like on the recipient side?

New secure message from Zivver

Do you have any questions or are you having trouble opening the message?

Please contact the sender of the securely sent message at Cirio.