Bankruptcy November 18, 2022

Inzile AB in bankruptcy – sale of business assets

Inzile AB (publ), Swedish 556907-0070, was declared bankrupt on 7 November 2022, whereby Karl Björlin was appointed as official receiver.

Inzile AB is a Swedish seller and producer of fossil-free/electric work vehicles, and has developed several platforms (PRO4 and the new EVI) with additional technologies and systems integrated. Inzile has offered Vehicle as a Service (VaaS), which is a circular subscription model where Inzile is responsible for the entire product life cycle – from production in Sweden via reuse to final disposal of all components. Inzile has two facilities in Sweden; one RnD facility in Tranås and one production plant together with main office in Västervik.

The bankruptcy estate of Inzile AB now offers the business assets as is (debt free) for sale in accordance with the following Preliminary Bidding Documents with appendices:

Interested parties are hereby invited to present written, indicative bids on the business as a whole or for parts of the assets, addressed to the bankruptcy estate, by sending an e-mail to Rikard Lemming,, on 28 November 2022 at 10.00 am at the latest.

The bankruptcy estate reserves the right to value presented bids on an ongoing basis, as well as the right to make a sale in advance (Sw. fri prövningsrätt). The Preliminary Bidding Document with appendices shall not be considered as a binding offer (Sw. bindande anbud). Binding transfer of the business or specific assets is subject to a written agreement signed by the bankruptcy estate and the buyer.

For more information in relation to Inzile or the sales process in general, kindly contact:

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