Cirio January 14, 2019

Cirio Law Firm becomes Corporate Partner to AI Sustainability Center

Today, AI Sustainability Center, a multidisciplinary center for responsible and purpose-driven technology, is launched. The Center brings together companies, academic institutions, public agencies and civil society to address the scaling of AI in broader ethical and societal contexts, and it aims to be a world-leading hub within the field. Cirio is one of five Corporate Partners.

“What we do at Cirio is ultimately about improving the way both business and society work, and we are strongly positioned to do so. We know the rules of business, we have a passion for progress, we see the human and we aspire to make a change. Therefore, AI Sustainability Center hits our absolute sweet spot, and we look forward to contribute with our expertise to solve the challenges it sets out to address”, says David Frydlinger, Managing Partner.

AI Sustainability Center will develop operational frameworks that identify and proactively address pitfalls and the wider ethical implications of AI, as well as conduct world-leading multidisciplinary research in this space. The Center will help guide companies, tech start-ups, regulators and policymakers to make human-centric decisions in the AI area.

“We are very happy to have Cirio onboard as corporate partner to the Center. Cirio is in the forefront among Nordic law firms in this area. Their knowledge and expertise will play a crucial part in achieving our goals”, says Anna Felländer, co-founder of the center.

More information about AI Sustainability Center can be found here.




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