Press January 2, 2019

New law firm with 125 people launches in Stockholm

Today, Cirio is launched, a new Swedish law firm with strong expertise in transactions and other areas of business law and with specialized competence in progressive areas such as renewable energy, life science and digitalisation. The firm has its office at Mäster Samuelsgatan 20 and consists of 125 co-workers who previously worked at Lindahl law firm in Stockholm.

”With Cirio, we aim to take legal advice to a new level for both our clients and talents. We build on a heritage from 1918 and with our expertise, we are one of the leading law firms within several areas of business law. At the same time, we will be even more innovative and use the launch of Cirio as a catalyst for change in how a law firm operates and which role it plays in the development of society and the economy, “says David Frydlinger, Managing Partner at Cirio.

Cirio offers business legal advice within transactions, business strategy and operations, special situations such as dispute resolution and insolvency and collaborative innovations and partnerships. The firm has specialized expertise in progressive areas such as renewable energy, life science and digitalisation.

With consistently high quality and a determination to deliver strong results, we build long term relationships with our clients with the aim to not only be a high-end legal advisor but also a trusted advisor. To be able to deliver on this promise, one of our most important tasks is to create a market leading working environment for our co-workers, based on what the talents of tomorrow need and ask for.

”The name Cirio holds a promise of a continued advancement among the leading law firms in Sweden. We want to be thought leaders in how the rules of the society and economy changes by the disruptive changes going on in many areas. In this way, we aim to provide unique value to those most important to us: our clients and talents,” says David Frydlinger.

For questions, please contact
David Frydlinger, Managing Partner, Cirio
0766-17 09 85

About Cirio

Cirio was founded in 2019 in Stockholm and consists of 125 co-workers. The law firm is based on a legacy from 1918 and is one of the leading law firms in several business law areas. Cirio offers legal advice in transactions, operational and strategic business issues, special situations such as disputes and bankruptcies, and collaborative innovation. The firm has special expertise in areas such as renewable energy, life science and digitalisation.


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