Cirio January 14, 2020

Cirio is looking for new associates!

Cirio is now looking for new associates to this fall

We are looking for good lawyers who are interested in people in general and society as a whole. Of course, it’s important to also be driven and to have social ability. At Cirio, you will be joining one of the leading business law firms in Sweden, with services in M&A and other business transactions, intellectual property, data privacy, dispute resolution, competition law and several other fields of expertise. You will work for clients boasting some of the best-known brands and meet incredibly inspiring and successful people from a wide range of industries.

You will also be part of something much larger. By joining us, you will be involved in creating rules that the market and society of the future will play by. Our aim is that our high-end legal services will not only lay the foundations for our clients’ business success, but also contribute to growth and welfare in society.

Please visit our career site to learn more and to apply today!

For more information, please contact:

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