Angelo Skog


Angelo Skog

Angelo is part of Cirio’s public business and competition law group. He has a broad experience of all competition and public procurement law matters including anti-competitive behaviour, abuse of dominant position, anti-competitive sales activities by public entities, leniency and general supervision of public procurement such as bringing cases of illegal direct award of contracts to court.

Angelo has during his time as a Manager for the Competition Authorities Tipp-off and Complaints function acquired good knowledge in other legal areas such as Municipality Law, Administrative Law and Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act. Angelo has also certain knowledge in markets such as Sports, Fine tech, IT, Automobile industry, Waste and Management and Defense- and Security. Angelo is also a member of Cirio’s group for Life Science.

  • CV
    Lindahl law firm, Associate

    Swedish and English

  • Education
    EC Competition Law, King's College, London
    University of Lund, LL.M.