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The business of Swedish retail chain MQ (MarQet) acquired by new owner


The business of MQ Retail, including all business assets, was on 8 May 2020 acquired by a third party. Consequently, the business will continue its operations offering women's and men's fashion through physical stores and the e-commerce shop For further information, see the purchaser’s press release via the following link:

MQ Holding AB, Swedish 556697-2211 (“MQ Holding”), and MQ Retail AB, Swedish 556699-0262 (“MQ Retail”), were declared bankrupt on 16 April 2020, whereby Lars-Henrik Andersson was appointed as official receiver.

The business history of MQ, as a Swedish retailer of men’s and women’s fashion, started during the 1950s. The brand MQ was created in 1988. MQ Holding was listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm in June 2010. MQ Holding is the parent company of the MQ group, including the two Swedish retail chains MQ (renamed to MarQet during 2020) and Joy through Joy Shop AB (declared bankrupt on 18 March 2020). MQ is headquartered in Göteborg and has around 700 employees, with a production office in Shanghai.

To Customers

For more details, please take part of: Information to Swedish Costumers (in Swedish).
If you, as a customer, have a claim against MQ Retail, please use this form and provide the requested information: >> File your claim (in Swedish)

For Suppliers

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For more information regarding the bankruptcy and sales proceedings, kindly contact any of the following:

Lars-Henrik Andersson
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Senior Associate
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Rikard Lemming
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