Joy Shop AB - Information to bidders


Joy Shop Aktiebolag, 556785-2511, (“Joy”), was declared bankrupt on 18 March 2020, whereby Lars-Henrik Andersson was appointed as official receiver by the District Court of Göteborg.

With nearly 40 years of fashion retailing experience, Joy is one of the most well-known and loved retailers of women clothing on the Swedish market. Joy’s team consist of designers, buyers, assistants, garment technicians, store managers and store assistants. The overall goal for Joy is to inspire women who are in the middle of their lives to find their personal style. For the past years Joy has intensified their work with developing collections in order to be able to reach out to new customers. The customers mainly consist of women with an interest in fashion as well as quality and comfort.

Brands that Joy owns and develops are Rosebud, Alica Bizous and Honey. These brands have stronger margins and stands from over 90% of the total revenue. Joy also collaborates with some of the biggest brands on the market of women clothing such as Esprit, Bondelid, Saddler etc.

Interested parties of the business assets are hereby invited to present written bids, on the business as a whole or for parts of the assets, addressed to the bankruptcy estate, by sending an e-mail to Axel Thörn, email hidden; JavaScript is required, on Thursday 2 April 2020 at 13.00 CET at the latest. All bids shall clearly contain name and contact details of the bidder and include an explicit purchase price in SEK. All bids shall be financed and prepared for cash payment at closing.

For details, please read more in the attached preliminary bidding documents in English: Bidding document

For more information regarding the bankruptcy and sales proceedings, kindly contact:

Emmeli Neivak
Senior Associate
email hidden; JavaScript is required
+46 76 617 08 31
Axel Thörn
email hidden; JavaScript is required
+46 76 617 08 95